Safety & Security

Safe2Tell Reporting

Regis Jesuit is committed to creating safe and caring environment for all students, employees, parents and visitors. The Board of Trustees, RJ administration and staff are working together to implement proven “best practices” in school safety that help ensure the physical and psychological safety of our students and staff. RJ parents can log into the RJ website for additional campus safety information regarding the reverse communication procedures, family reunification after an incident, the Standard Response Protocol, prevention programs and safety resources for families. 

The school has:

  • An Emergency Response and Crisis Management Guide that is updated annually.
  • A Standard Reunification Method.
  • Provided Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) training for all employees with additional training for school leaders.
  • Two Security Specialists and two Campus Monitors who are on campus daily to monitor campus activities and assist with school safety planning.
  • Conducted school safety assessments with the assistance of the Aurora Police Department, Arapahoe County Sheriff and local fire departments.
  • Conducted regular all-hazard drills with students and employees.
  • Installed interior and exterior security cameras throughout the campus.
  • Developed a multi-year plan that prioritizes future campus safety improvements.
  • Committed to the implementation of data-proven safety prevention programs.
  • Established ongoing working relationships with the:

Safeguards Protecting Students from Inappropriate Interactions 

  • At Regis Jesuit, we work to create a community built on trust, dignity, integrity and respect. 
  • All employees of Regis Jesuit, including our Jesuits, faculty, staff, coaches and volunteers who work directly with students, are background checked and must attend safe environment and sexual harassment awareness and prevention training, which includes what it means to be a mandatory reporter. Employees have also attended training conducted by the Blue Bench on bystander awareness and response.
  • All of our Jesuits are screened through a more rigorous process and attend an annual safe environment program through the Jesuit Province to safeguard against abuse of minors.
  • Regis Jesuit High School has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to any sexual or otherwise inappropriate physical or emotionally-abusive interaction between students and teachers or staff. We will engage local authorities immediately to investigate any credible allegation of impropriety.
  • If you are aware of any occurrence of abuse by a current or former employee of Regis Jesuit, please contact the President’s Office at the school ( or 303.269.8013) so that we may begin an immediate investigation.

Regis Jesuit has a school safety team that reviews the campus safety plan and procedures for both psychological and physical safety and oversees the school's crisis response plans.

If you have questions or suggestions regarding campus safety, please contact: