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“Today our prime educational objective must be to form men and women for others; men and women who live not for themselves but for God and his Christ … men and women who cannot even conceive of love of God which does not include love of the least of their neighborsfor the God man who lived and died for all the world; men and women completely convinced that love of God which does not issue in justice for people is a farce.”

-Pedro Arrupe, SJ
Former Superior General, Society of Jesus 

x2VOL - New Service Hour Documentation and Tracking System

Instructions for Accessing x2VOL  l  Tutorial on Accessing x2VOL   Tutorial on Inputting Service Hours Online

We are continuing to use x2VOL to log and keep track of our service hours this year. X2VOL has a new feature where students are able to upload their signed Service Report Form. We ask that all students upload signed forms AND ensure there is a valid email for a site supervisor to electronically verify service hours. Our hope is to get away from having paperwork to turn in as well as log online. You may use the x2VOL app, however we have found that going through Naviance tends to work better and ensure the use of only one account. If you are not registered, students will need to follow these instructions in order to complete the registration process. Once they are registered through x2VOL, all students should be able to see their service hour history and any service hours they have logged. Once the Service Director receives the Service Report Form for verification, she will verify the hours.


Freshman Year

Freshmen will complete ten documented hours serving their local community (families, parishes, nonprofit organizations, Regis Jesuit, etc.) in new ways initiated throughout the year on their own time. Half of these hours (five) are due to the Service Director by December 5, 2017 and the remaining five hours are to be turned in by April 30, 2018.

Sophomore Year

Sophomores begin to explore how they fit into the larger community and the gifts they have to share with that community. Sophomores need 20 documented hours. Five of those hours may come from helping at Regis Jesuit (at school events like LARK, Open House, Spruce Up days, etc.). Sophomores are encouraged to become leaders in the school, taking initiative to help out wherever needed. At least ten documented hours must come from working with non-profit organizations that serve the poor and marginalized. This service does not need to be direct service with the poor and marginalized. Additionally, all sophomores participate in Sophomore Service Day which accounts for the remaining five hours. The students spend this school day serving at the Food Bank of the Rockies. Half of these hours (7.5) are due to the Service Director by December 5, 2017 and the remaining 7.5 hours are to be turned in by April 30, 2018.

Junior and Senior Year

During these two years, students expand their experience of service by recognizing and sharing in the diverse gifts people have to offer, especially people most marginalized from society. Both junior and senior year, students participate in two-week service projects where they work in direct service with one agency. During that time, they should complete at least 60 hours of service. As a way to further explore and reflect on what it means to be men and women with and for others in daily life, students need to complete an additional 25 hours of direct service with the poor and marginalized. Students may start to accrue these hours the summer prior to junior year. These hours should be completed by October 31st of their senior year. (Any senior wanting to apply for a winter immersion delegation, must complete her service hours by October 1 of senior year.) Failure to turn in these hours will result in the inability to apply for winter immersion delegations, a service agreement plan, and a conversation regarding the student’s ability to participate in leadership opportunities at RJHS.

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