Worship & Prayer


Regis Jesuit High School provides students, faculty, staff and administration multiple opportunities throughout the school year to praise, worship and thank God through the celebration of Eucharistic liturgies (Masses). First, the Boys and Girls Divisions come together four times a year for all-school liturgies. Second, students in each Division attend divisional and class liturgies several times each semester. Third, students in each Division celebrate the Eucharist in the context of their class-level retreats. Fourth, all members of the community of Regis Jesuit are welcome to attend a lunchtime Eucharistic liturgy that is celebrated on Mondays, Wednesdays in the Boys Division, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Girls Division. Celebrate an early morning Eucharistic liturgy at 7:15 am on most Friday mornings in Blessed Rupert Mayer Chapel. Finally, students, parents, employees, alumni and friends of Regis Jesuit are strongly encouraged to join us for a monthly First Friday liturgy.

Prayer Services

In addition to Eucharistic liturgies, Regis Jesuit High School offers students a variety of communal prayer experiences that are based on the word of God. These divisional prayer services may include: Spirit Week, Martyrs of El Salvador, Service Project Commissioning and Holy Week.

Liturgy and Prayer Service Dress Code

Examen of Consciousness

Steeped in Ignatian spirituality, Regis Jesuit High School invites all of its community members to practice the Examen of Consciousness daily. At a designated time each day, all work and activities stop so that everyone can be prompted to reflect on the following three questions: 1) How has God been actively present in my life? 2) How have I responded to God’s presence in my life? 3) How do I wish to respond to God’s loving presence from this point on?


Students have the opportunity to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation several times during the school year. These offerings happen on class-level retreats, during the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent and by appointment with one of the Jesuit priests.