BD Capstone 1
BD Capstone 1


Girls Division Capstone Information

Capstone Project: 2017-18

Capstone: a final touch; a crowning achievement; a culmination

Your Capstone Project should express the culmination of your growth during your years at Regis Jesuit in a tangible form. The most important aspect of your project is reflection. You have already started this with your Capstone journals and the questions on which you have reflected on in advisement. Ultimately, your project answers the question: How am I different because of my experiences at Regis Jesuit High School Girls Division?


 2017-18 GD Capstone Final Evaluation Rubric and Presentation Tips - Presentations April 9-20, 2018

 2017-18 GD Capstone One-Page Proposal and Rubric - DUE March 13, 2018 

 2017-18 GD Capstone Project Guidelines


Capstone Small Group Meetings:

All seniors will meet with their small group facilitators in 5 small group meetings beginning during mid-November. These are mandatory meetings, but will be scheduled on your own time - as a group.  If a student misses a meeting she must make up the meeting through a one-page reflection on the meeting topic missed or additional meeting with her facilitator within one week of the missed meeting. Failure to make up a meeting and/or failure to turn in the 1 page proposal will result in not presenting one's Capstone Project.

 2017-18 Capstone Small Group Lists

 2017-18 Capstone Meeting Schedule and Agendas