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Standardized Tests & Test Preparation

Boys Division ceeb code: 060-435
Girls division ceeb code: 060-082

The Boys and Girls Division counselors recommend the following testing schedule during high school.


  • PST (Pre-ACT)
    Date: Spring Semester
    RJHS sponsored and required


  • PSAT (Pre-SAT)
    Date: October
    RJHS sponsored and required
    Practice for the PSAT for junior year which will determine eligibility for National Merit Scholarship
  • AP Test as appropriate
    Student responsible for registration and cost


    Date: October
    RJHS sponsored and required
    PSAT used for National Merit Scholarship
  • ACT
    In-school testing Date: April 2
    In-school testing required
  • Other SAT and ACT (SAT) and (ACT)
    Student responsible for registration and cost
    Counselors recommend that students take both an ACT and an SAT. After receiving results, we encourage the student to take the test in which he receives the highest percentile. We recommend the same test three times but do not encourage students to take an ACT or SAT test more often. Parents and students are encouraged to talk about the number of times the student should take a college admissions test considering the individual student. Many colleges encourage both junior and senior year testing. Students register for the ACT at
  • AP Test(s) as appropriate
    Student responsible for registration and cost
  • SAT Subject Tests as appropriate
    Student responsible for registration and cost


  • SAT and ACT,
    Student responsible for registration and cost
  • AP Tests as appropriate
    Student responsible for registration and cost
    We encourage students to take AP tests for all AP courses they enroll in.
  • SAT Subject Tests as appropriate
    Student responsible for registration and cost and required by college

Test Preparation

Students will receive valuable information if they take the PLAN and PSAT seriously and do their best. Both tests will provide a picture of whether the student is on target for college readiness at the grade level he/she takes the test. When students receive the results of the PSAT, we encourage them to log on to the College Board website and click on “My Quick Start.” Student will need to enter a code number which they will receive when the results are returned. Students can receive an explanation of why the correct answer is the correct answer as well as why each of the other choices are incorrect. Another valuable section of the PSAT is the” PSAT/NMSQT Skills Insight.” This section gives information about the skills needed by the student to raise his/her score to the next level. In addition the PSAT will provide valuable information about AP potential, i.e., whether the student is most likely to receive a 3, 4, or 5 on relevant AP exams. We hope to receive the PSAT results in early December and return them to students before they leave for Christmas break. Receiving the results in early December will be at the discretion of the College Board.

When a student takes the PLAN and PSAT, he/she will receive his/her test booklet, the correct answers to all questions, and an indication of whether he/she answered the question correctly. An in-depth look at these tests can provide a good preparation for the actual tests. In addition, both the College Board and the ACT websites give test taking strategies as well as actual tests that have been used in the past so students can become familiar with kinds of questions on the test as well as the test format.  We encourage students to visit the College Board website and use the free practice tools to get ready for the SAT.

If you want to pursue test prep courses, we offer one at Regis Jesuit High School in the fall and one in the  spring of the year. There are many companies that offer test prep programs as well as tutors who work with individual students. Please contact your son’s/daughter’s counselor if you need further information.

Accommodations for students with diagnosed learning differences

IMPORTANT NOTE: College Board (PSAT, SAT, AP tests) and ACT closely scrutinize requests for extended time and other accommodations on their tests.  Not only do they have strict guidelines for the supporting documentation necessary to establish eligibility for accommodations, they pay particular attention to the type of services as well as the length of time services have been provided. They are looking for how the student’s disability SUBSTANTIALLY limits a major life activity, such as learning. Recently diagnosed high school students and/or gaps in services can signal that the disability is not significant enough to warrant testing accommodations on their tests. Please see the Learning Services Coordinator if you have any questions about applying for testing accommodations with these companies.