Boys Division - Athletic Training


  • Mrs. Bre Perdue, ATC
    Head Athletic Trainer
  • Mr. Sebastian Kurtz, ATC                              
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Ms. Jennifer Kummer, MD                              
    Team Physician, Steadman Hawkins Denver Clinic


Home competitions and practices are covered by a Certified Athletic Trainer.


Mrs. Perdue is available Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at lunch for injury evalutaion and treatment.

After School

An athletic trainer is available daily for treatment, practice/game preparation, and practice/game coverage.


An athletic trainer is available one hour prior to competitions in the Athletic Training Room, unless otherwise specified.

School Holidays

The Athletic Training Room is closed during the Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations, as well as during Spring Break.

Athletic Training Room Locations

  • Main Athletic Training Room: BD Room 181
  • Secondary Athletic Training Room: Field house, between the JV and Varsity locker rooms


For the best care of our athletes  accurate and consistent communication should be maintained between each member of the team who provides care for our student-athletes: athlete, parent, coach, athletic trainer, physician, etc. Please direct any and all athletic training information and questions to the athletic training staff; information will be dispersed to others only on a need-to-know basis.

  • Phone: 303.269.8076
  • Fax: 303.766.2240
  • Email: Bre Perdue

Pre-participation Athletic Physicals

Pre-participation athletic physicals are required for all athletes. A current physical should be on file with the school prior to the beginning of the athlete's sport season, or when the current physical on file expires. 

Treatment and Rehabilitation

Injured student-athletes are expected to meet with the athletic trainer on a daily basis, during lunchtime and after school, for treatment and/or rehabilitation. This schedule will continue, in conjunction with a progressive return to participation, until the athletic training staff, or the treating physician, has provided clearance to return to full participation.


Following a diagnosis of concussion, student-athletes are expected to check-in with the athletic trainer daily, at lunchtime or after school, so that the student’s progress may be monitored. Concussed athletes are to refrain from all exertional physical activity, are to engage in only limited mental activity, and are to be particularly diligent about maintaining an adequate sleep schedule, a nutritious diet and sufficient hydration for as long as symptoms persist and for 24 hours after symptoms subside. At that time, athletes will be guided by the athletic training staff in a step-by-step, gradual return to play. Colorado state law requires that a concussed athlete receive written clearance from his treating physician in order to fully return to participation. 

For further information on concussion, the following resources are recommended: