Athletic Training

The Regis Jesuit High School Boys and Girls Divisions' athletic training programs exist to assist athletes in the prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries and subsequent return to their chosen sport(s).

Athletic Trainers

As integral members of each of our athletic teams, our certified athletic trainers provide health care for each of our student-athletes.  This service encompasses all facets of the prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries, and an athlete’s subsequent return to his or her chosen sport(s), as well as management of additional conditions that may influence performance. Each of our athletic trainers who work with our athletes, whether in the athletic training room or during practices and competitions, are nationally certified through the sole certifying organization for athletic trainers: the Board of Certification. All of our athletic trainers are also members of the National Athletic Trainers' Association.

For more information on each Division's athletic training program, locate the links at the bottom of the page.

Pre-participation Athletic Physicals/Parent Permit for Athletic Participation

In order to participate in athletics at Regis Jesuit High School, all student-athletes are required to pass an annual pre-participation screening, administered by a physician (MD or DO) or a physician’s assistant. A physical examination form must be completed, signed and submitted to the athletic trainer, before participation is allowed. Additionally, a signed parent permit form must also be completed. These required forms may be acquired from the Main Offices of either Division, or may be downloaded, here: Parent Permit and Pre-participation Physical Examination Forms.

Injury Reporting

Student-athletes are to report each injury incurred to the respective Boys Division or Girls Division athletic trainer. Each injury should be reported, as soon as possible, following the incidence of injury. In the event that an athletic trainer is not in the immediate vicinity, injuries must be reported to the appropriate coach who will relay the message to the athletic trainer for proper evaluation, treatment, and referral, if appropriate.

Return to Play

Following an injury, an athlete must receive clearance to return to play. If under the care of a physician, a student-athlete must obtain written clearance from the treating physician, and submit this notation to the athletic trainer, prior to being allowed to return to participation. If a student-athlete is solely under the care of the athletic trainer, clearance will be provided by the athletic trainer.

Physician Referral

When appropriate, the athletic trainer will recommend that a student-athlete seek further testing from a physician. Upon consultation with a physician, the athlete is asked to provide written notation to his or her respective athletic trainer from the treating physician that includes the injury diagnosis and any recommended continuance of treatment that he/she wishes to provide. Note that a parent or guardian may not serve as the treating physician for his or her own son or daughter.

Supplemental Insurance

Regis Jesuit High School provides insurance to supplement a student-athlete’s primary insurance, in cases of injuries incurred in school-sanctioned activities, including sport. Notify the respective athletic training staff, on a case-by-case basis, if you would like to utilize this insurance, and the proper paperwork will be provided. Be aware that there are specific reporting deadline requirements associated with this insurance program. More information on this insurance may be found on the Parent Resources page.

Lightning Policy

Event officials, athletic trainers or coaches may postpone a practice or event due to lightning for safety reasons. Regis Jesuit High School adheres to the lightning policy set by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, using the Flash-to-Bang method. In the event of a postponement due to lighting, all athletes and spectators should seek enclosed shelter—the field house or school or a vehicle. The event may resume 30 minutes following the last occurrence of lightning.