Regis Jesuit High School is proud to share the news and stories of the rich community we serve in a variety of publications. If you have an idea for a feature article, class note, correction or additional information, or would like to request a copy of one of the publications, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Communications at 303.269.8058 or Headings in red link to other pages on our website or related sites with additional information about our publications and student media.

Communications Office Publications

The President's Report

Our report on the impact of philanthropic giving to Regis Jesuit is published in the fall of every year. It also includes the financial profile of the school for the previous fiscal year.

The Raider Magazine

Regis Jesuit's magazine for the entire community that highlights events, activities and people at the school. Published twice a year, winter and summer, it features a special section for our alumni—The Alumni Raider.


The Raider Connection is a monthly newsletter sent via email on the second Wednesday of each month to all members of the community of Regis Jesuit. It tells stories about the life of the school—the mission in action, impact of giving and highlights upcoming events—between the printed copies of The Raider magazine.


The Red & White is the weekly email newsletter sent to current parents and students on Fridays during the school year. It features a list of upcoming events and highlights school news and activites with links to the website for more detailed information.

Student Media

Our students produce a variety of publications under the tutelage of their teachers and advisers.

RJ Media

RJ Media is a student-run and student-led venture guided by two adult moderators. It is comprised of an online media site (RJ Today), broadcasting outlets (RJTV and RJTV Sports) and student newsmagazine (Elevate). Students have complete editorial control over all aspects of RJ Media, so that they may pursue stories that appeal to them and feel empowered to take charge of their learning in the area of media. Students in journalism courses and the RJ Media Club all contribute to the content featured in RJ Media platforms.

Impressions magazine

With a rich history dating back to the 1960s, Impressions is a literary magazine featuring student works of fiction, poetry and art. It is published annually in the spring and celebrated with a release party and poetry slam.


Requiring skills in writing, photography and design, yearbook is a course elective in both the Boys and Girls Divisions. Students in the course work collaboratively to produce one co-divisional yearbook for the school, The Concorida. The first volume was published in the 2015-16 school year.

Prior to that each of the Divisions published its own yearbook—the girls' edition was called The Shield and the boys produced The Raider. It was at the behest of the students, desirous of having one publication chronicling their entire experience at Regis Jesuit, that the school made the move to one yearbook.