Diversity Program

The Diversity Program at Regis Jesuit is composed of students, parents and faculty members who recognize that human diversity is defined not only by culture and ethnicity but also by gender, religion, economic status, intellectual and physical capabilities and numerous other characteristics. 

Our Mission

Regis Jesuit seeks to graduate students who are intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving and committed to doing justice. In pursuit of this goal, a diverse student body becomes part of the educational experience, better-preparing students to work in an increasingly multi-cultural world, one in which local, national and international tensions are often grounded in cultural, religious or linguistic differences.

As such, Regis Jesuit's diversity initiatives and programs enhance the life of the school, contributing to an environment that reflects and nurtures the recognition and appreciation of human dignity and multiple perspectives while embracing and celebrating our shared experiences. The motivation to reach out to people of every part of the world is fundamental to the Society of Jesus. As a Jesuit secondary school, Regis Jesuit continues this tradition. Faculty, staff, administrators, students and parents are supported in their diversity initiatives by the Diversity Directors in each Division.

Program Information

Boys Division Diversity Director              Girls Division Diversity Director
Christina Vela                                              Rosalba Gonzalez-Hill
303.269.8065                                              303.269.8106