Mission Week—March 19-23

Student Council will be hosting a road trip-themed Mission Week from Monday, March 19 through Friday, March 23. Throughout the week, students will be encouraged to dress down (in theme for $3.00 per day OR in Raider Day attire for $5.00 per day) with all proceeds going to our partners in New Orleans, Belize, Nicaragua and Tennyson Center right here in Denver!
Students are encouraged to purchase the following as a package deal:

  • Weeklong Dress Down Wristband: $15
  • Weeklong Dress Down Wristband + T-Shirt: $25
  • Weeklong Dress Down Wristband + T-Shirt AND Sweatpants: $35

Monday 03.19.18: What do you wear on a Road Trip?

  • Do you wear comfortable clothes (sweats and a tshirt?) Or stylish clothes to snap a picture at every state sign you pass?
  • Activity: Root Beer Float-making - $2.00 per cup.

Tuesday 03.20.18: Road Trip to your favorite sports stadium!

  • Wear your favorite sports jersey or sports jersey from around the world!
  • Activity: Students vs. Teachers Basketball
    • Students pay to watch
    • Teachers sign-up

Wednesday 03.21.18: Road Trip to Switzerland

  • Wear ski attire, winter gear, anything to keep you warm in the cold climate of Switzerland!
  • Activity during lunch: Bake Sale in the Steele Center, everything for $1.00
  • Pancake Breakfast Wednesday Morning before the late start - $2.00 to eat pancakes with your friends at 7:45-8:45 am!

Thursday 03.22.18: Road trip to Hawaii

  • Wear anything tropical (no tank tops or swimsuits allowed) and touristy to keep you living the good life in Hawaii!
  • Mission Week Assembly during Flipped-schedule Academy Period 

Friday 03.23.18: Road trip home to Denver or The “Meme-ing” of Living Here

  • Come decked out in all things Colorado! Show pride for this great state.
  • Or dress as your favorite meme… appropriate and not derogatory or offensive
  • Activity: try not to laugh, teacher edition (water in their mouth), people pay to participate