Lifetime Giving Societies

Regis Jesuit values its loyal benefactors who have made significant, lifetime cumulative, financial and in-kind gifts to the school. The Lifetime Giving Societies celebrate the generosity of alumni, parents, faculty, staff and companions whose lifelong commitments help secure Regis Jesuits’ bright future.

Magis Society

To honor donors of a cumulative lifetime gift total of $1,000,000 or more. 

The word "magis" ("more" or "greater") captures one of the key aspects of the spirituality of St. Ignatius. To labor "For the Greater Glory of God" (AMDG - Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam) is the Jesuit motto: to strive for excellence in all things, especially in service of God and neighbor. 

Jubilee Society

To honor donors of cumulative lifetime gift totals of $500,000 - $999,999.

The Society of Jesus celebrated a jubilee year in 2006 with three significant anniversaries: the 450th anniversary of the death of St. Ignatius Loyola, on July 31, 1556; the 500th anniversary of the birth of St. Francis Xavier in Navarre on April 7, 1506; and the 500th anniversary of the birth of Blessed Peter Faber (Pierre Favre) in Savoy on April 13, 1506. These three future Jesuits first met and shared a room during their studies in the University of Paris.

First Companions Society

To honor donors of cumulative lifetime gift totals of $200,000 - $499,999.

While studying in Paris, the charismatic Ignatius gathered friends around him. Nine of them, along with Ignatius, later became the first Jesuits. They called themselves the Company of Jesus. Companionship has been at the heart of Jesuit ministry ever since.

Ignatian Society

To honor donors of cumulative lifetime gift totals of $50,000 - $199,999.

In 1522-23, a middle-aged layman named Inigo (later, Ignatius) de Loyola had a series of profound spiritual experiences. His Spiritual Exercises were the notes he made as he tried to help others meet God as he had done, and they remain the foundation of Jesuit spirituality and ministry.

St. John Francis Regis Legacy SocietyJFR Legacy Logo approved

To honor donors who have made the ultimate gift by recognizing Regis Jesuit High School in their wills or estate plans.

Named for our patron, St. John Francis Regis, who was a 17th century French Jesuit noted for his compassion and his tireless pastoral work among the people of France.


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