Gonzaga Circle of Support


The Gonzaga Circle of Support is a ministry of the Regis Jesuit Moms Club. It operates in collaboration with school administration to support our community members during any time of necessity by identifying and addressing needs to help facilitate the move back to stability.

Information used by the Gonzaga Circle of Support is kept on a secure online location where our community can come together to provide support for families within Regis Jesuit High School. The school administration and Counseling Offices may also offer additional direct support to families, as called for by the individual situation.

The needs that generally will be addressed through the GCS will come as help with:

  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Household items
  • Clothing
  • Any identified necessities that arise during a situation where a family is in need

Areas where members of our community can provide support will be listed below (you must login to view), anonymously as requested. 

Need support?

Or know of someone who is in need of assistance? Contact:

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Login to see the areas where members of our communty can provide support. Or contact circleofsupport@regisjesuit.com.