Food Service Information

Cafeteria Lunch Cards

The Student ID card will function as a debit card in the cafeterias and cafe. Any amount may be deposited in your student's account. The account can be set to automatically replenish by going online to the portal at Select "Auto Replenish" under the "Lunch" tab. You can also replenish your account by bringing a check or cash to the cafeteria. We expect all students to be aware of their account balance and to see that their account is replenished before they run out of money. Low Balance alerts and Monthly Account Updates can also be set up under your email preferences on For more details on how to set up your account please visit

Should a student lose their ID, the library is able to offer replacements for $3.00. Account balances are to be up to date and current at all times; absolutely no credit will be extended the last six weeks of each semester.


  • Students must have their cards with them to purchase meals.
  • There will be no extended credit.
  • Lost cards must be replaced immediately.

Flik Independent School Dining

Flik Independent School Dining (FISD) will assume responsibility for the food service program at Regis Jesuit starting in August 2018. This will include the cafeteria operations in both buildings, the Steele Center Café and many of our special events and activities. They are also working with the Parent Community Association to determine opportunities to assist the athletic concessions program.

We are pleased that Flik ISD has a strong commitment to sustainability, healthy cooking from scratch and using locally sourced food whenever possible to bring the highest quality food to our program. In addition to serving great food, Flik ISD also wants to be involved with student education regarding nutrition and healthy eating. We are looking forward to the partnership with Flik Independent School Dining as they bring high-quality food to our campus that supports the health and wellness of our students, staff and guests.

You can check out the Flik ISD website for more information about their philosophy and program.

Program Details

Nutrition and Food Preparation Philosophy
Flik ISD's philosophy is based on the idea that scratch-made is best made. By serving food that is fresh and prepared from scratch, the food served by Flik ISD will have less added sugar, artificial ingredients, food dyes and preservatives that are often found in processed foods. In addition, Flik ISD will batch-cook (small quantities) through the lunch service to ensure all food served is fresh from the beginning of service until the end. This also helps reduce food waste from overproduction.

Flik ISD also believes food and nutrition education is important for the development of our students. Flik ISD will be introducing monthly nutrition marketing that will introduce and highlight new foods being served in the cafeterias. Additionally, the introduction of "performance meals" will provide athletes with daily offerings tailored to their unique nutritional needs.

Finally, a fun and seasonal menu will be created by our onsite chef at Regis Jesuit.

Sustainability Initiatives and Social Responsibility
Flik ISD understands going green is important to the Regis Jesuit community. Flik ISD’s SEED (Sustainable Eating and Environmental Dining) program is an industry-leading program that ensures the product is available for generations to come. Not only does FISD purchase quality ingredients that are local whenever possible, the SEED program encompasses a number responsible purchasing initiatives including eggs that are always cage-free, poultry that is raised with the limited use of human antibiotics and milk that is always sourced from cows that have not been treated with artificial bovine growth hormone (rBGH-free). They have also partnered with the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program to preserve our ocean resources.

Enhanced Dining Experience
Flik ISD proposes to modernize the serving areas in both buildings. There is a huge opportunity to redesign the functionality and flow, therefore creating a more user-friendly space that is open and inviting. The retail program will include an introduction of new air screen coolers for grab & go items, beverages and healthy snack items. The entree stations will include thermal heat shelves, which allow for attractive merchandising and batch-cooking replenishment. The deli station will include in-house roasted meats and a wide selection of toppings, which is always a student favorite.

Catering Capabilities
Flik ISD has provided the appropriate staffing to allow for the school’s daily catering needs and special events. They will provide a catering menu with a wide variety of daily and specialty items that will be creative, diverse and appetizing to meet the needs of our banquet events, team dinners, meetings and other special events. In addition, the on-site Chef is happy to create customized menus upon request.

Questions & Answers

Q. What offerings are available during lunch?
Every day students have a choice of either a hot or cold main dish including vegetarian and free from gluten options, vegetables, a full salad bar, a deli option, fresh fruit and a choice of milk, 100% fruit juice or Waterworks, our fruit infused water program.

Q. How does my student know what to do on the first day of school?
Freshmen will learn about the food serving procedures during Compass Day. All other students will receive information during registration day. On the first day of school, signage will be on each station and additional associates will be available in case questions arise.

Q. How do we get information regarding menus and promotions during the school year?
You now can link online to This will connect you to the Flik website which has been customized for Regis Jesuit. There you will find the monthly menus, promotions and dining staff contact information. You can also download the mySchoolDining app, available in the App Store or in Google Play Store.

Q. What if my student has special dietary needs?
You can schedule a meeting with the Cristian Pintovidal, Director of Dining Services. You can contact him by email at Cristian will work individually with any family that may have concerns regarding the dietary needs of their student. In addition to the posted allergy board, all foods are labeled and they are available throughout lunch to answer any questions the students may have.

Q. How can I get additional information regarding the dining services program?
Cristian Pintovidal, Director of Dining Services, can be reached at and his team is always available to answer questions. You will also receive communications periodically through the Red & White weekly e-blast.

Q. Will the Card System Continue?
Yes, the same point-of-sale software and registers that the school uses now will continue to be used by Flik ISD.

Q. Will prices change?
The goal is to continue a similar pricing structure for the food provided by Flik ISD.

Q. Will we still have the RJ cookies and Chik-fil-A?
Flik ISD will continue to serve the same RJ cookies offered this year in addition to a Flik ISD specialty cookie. Flik will provide a similar chicken sandwich and maybe even better than Chik-fil-A, as the use of outside vendors for prepared food will be discontinued.

Q. Will parents still be able to volunteer during the snack and lunch times?
Yes, Flik would like the parents and students to stay involved with the program. Flik would like to keep the parent volunteer program and involve the work grant students in their operation.

Q. Is Flik involved with other Jesuit schools?
Yes, Flik provides the food service program in a number of Jesuit schools, including Creighton Prep in Omaha and Rockhurst in Kansas City. Flik was recently awarded the food service contract at Valor Christian in Highlands Ranch. Their sister companies also are involved with numerous businesses in the metro area and at Regis University.

Q. What will be the serving hours?
Both cafeterias will be open before school, during the morning Academic Support/Break period and during lunchtime. The Steele Center Café will be open from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm daily.


Please contact Ben Teeples, Facility Manager at 303.269.8053 for any additional information.