Attendance Policies

Boys Division 303.269.8002 | Girls Division 303.269.8102

When leaving a message on the attendance line please leave the following information:

  • Name (with spelling of the last name)
  • Grade
  • Reason for the absence/ tardiness/ early dismissal
  • Your name and contact information

Please Note: A Call from a parent or guardian excusing a student's absence or tardiness does not necessarily excuse that student (Consideration will be given to extended illness or serious injury).

Athletes MUST be present in school for at least a half day to participate in any competition.  If a medical appointment runs later than 11:30 am, they must bring in a letter from medical office.


Please call the attendance line (BD 303.269.8002 | GD 303.269.8102) on every day that your student is absent. Make sure you call within 24 hours of the absence, or the absence will remain unexcused. If illness keeps your student out of school for three or more days the Dean’s Office will need a note from a physician.


Please call the attendance line (BD 303.269.8002 | GD 303.269.8102) before 9:00 am if your student will be late.

Early Dismissal

Please call the attendance line (BD 303.269.8002 | GD 303.269.8102) before 9:00 am if your student must leave school for an appointment.
Student MUST sign out at attendance desk before they leave campus.

If your student becomes ILL during the day, they MUST report to the Nurse’s Clinic for an early dismissal.

If your student has an early dismissal for athletics, that will come through the school and a call from a parent is not necessary.

Extended Absence

If a student must be away from school for two or more days for reasons other than sickness, injury or approved school activities, an Advanced Absence Form is necessary.

  1. Signed first by the student’s parents
  2. Signed second by the student’s teachers
  3. Finally evaluated by the appropriate school administrators.

This process MUST be completed two days prior to the student leaving school. Teachers should clarify a time limit for make-up privileges in these cases. The Advanced Absence Form does not necessarily give make-up privileges. Any student failing to complete an Advanced Absence Form may lose make-up privileges.

Our reversed communication system, SchoolMessenger, will call your home during the evening to inform you of unexcused absences. A call to the attendance line to excuse the absence on the day of the absence (before 9:00 am) will prevent the computer from calling you. We appreciate your help in following these procedures.

Please refer to Student Handbook for a complete description of the attendance and absence policy.