Strategic Plan 2015-2020
The Next Steps in Regis Jesuit’s Future

In the fall of 2014, Regis Jesuit embarked on a journey to develop its next strategic plan. Through focus groups comprised of students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni and community members, we compiled valuable feedback about the school’s strengths and opportunities. That information was vital in helping to identify and provide the foundation for the Board of Trustees to determine the appropriate strategic priorities for Regis Jesuit over the next five to ten years. 

Five strategic priorities have been identified under the umbrella of the school’s Mission, Vision and Values as a Catholic-Jesuit High School:

  • Excellence
  • Comprehensive Financial Strategy 
  • Infrastructure and Master Planning
  • Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Marketing, Communications and Branding

These priorities were intentionally defined broadly, and then assigned to Board Committees for further development. The committees are devising more detailed plans, recommending an appropriate path forward and identifying pillars that would support and be critical in order to achieve each priority. While the pillars represent more detailed tactics and focus areas for each strategic priority, they do not represent final plans. Those are currently being developed and will be shared when they are completed. For now, here are the focus areas for each strategic priority.


  • Students have access to the resources and programs required for outstanding achievement
  • Faculty are trained, motivated, managed and compensated to continue to stretch themselves in order to elicit excellent results for our students
  • Alumni are engaged to help provide an optimal educational opportunity and environment


  • RJHS is focused on delivering EXCELLENCE at every level
  • Endowment must be appropriate to assure the long-term success of RJHS
  • Capital needs for assuring a first-rate platform for instruction both within and outside the classroom need to be identified and finalized


  • Required facilities and property for delivering EXCELLENCE will be identified in a timely manner
  • Required classroom layout changes and equipment for delivering a top educational experience will be identified in a timely manner
  • Sustainability initiatives will be included


  • Strategies will be devised for a more diversified student and faculty population 


  • Development of a clear and known brand will be evident in many forms
  • There will be a strategic drive to expand the base of feeder schools

Information on this page will be updated as plans beneath each of the five priorities are approved. If you have any questions or input regarding Regis Jesuit's strategic plan, please contact

Members of the Regis Jesuit community—current parents and students, alumni, faculty and staff—can view the full report after logging in to the website. 

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