Science Department

The Regis Jesuit High School Science Department provides a strong college preparatory curriculum to meet the varied needs of the Regis Jesuit students. Upon graduation the student will have the knowledge and skills needed for college success. Emphasis is placed upon laboratory and technological skills including computer-based laboratory activities. In support of the Regis Jesuit Mission and Jesuit education, the Science Department endeavors to implement Ignatian Pedagogy and the pursuit of excellence. Honors classes and college preparatory classes are available at each grade level, and it is possible to change between tracks as interests and needs change. Honors Biology (usually freshman year) and Honors Chemistry (usually sophomore year) are designed for students who show interest and ability and to prepare for the Advanced Placement courses. Advanced Placement Chemistry and Biology are offered for interested and prepared students. Students are required to take 3 years of Science to graduate but a large percentage take more Science.

To create a passion for learning science through the successes and failures inherent in the scientific process to both serve the world and understand our impact upon it.


  • The Science Department values students who understand that research and experimentation is guided by fundamental concepts and that investigations are conducted for a variety of reasons based on those fundamental concepts.
  • The Science Department values students who know the nature of science is to be curious and raise questions, which creates a sustained inquiry process and encourages lifelong learning.
  • The Science Department values students who know that analyzing scientific data and results plays a critical role in being able to make decisions that impact their lives and the lives of those around them and is critical to understanding and defending arguments around those decisions.
  • The Science Department values students who understand that the scientific process and faith are not separate from one another and each serves to deepen our understanding of our own existence and God’s existence in the world and the role we play in our communities and our world.
  • The Science Department values students who understand the role that science and the scientific process plays in solving justice issues throughout the world.
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PhotoDustinDvorakScience - Chair
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PhotoNatalieBaldasareScience Teacher
PhotoMaryBartholomewScience Teacher
PhotoMarianneBuehlerScience Teacher
PhotoLindsayCasasPhysical Education Teacher - Girls Division...
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