Retreat Program

Regis Jesuit High School is committed to the spiritual formation of the young men and women who walk through our doors. Our retreat program has been developed with the Jesuit idea of cura personalis, care of the individual, in mind. The program is ever evolving and expanding to meet the spiritual needs of our students. Here is a brief overview of the retreats offered at each grade level. More information about the retreats themselves, including dates, locations and times for those happening this year, can be found on the page links below or from the menu on the left-side of this page.

Freshman Retreat

The purpose of the Freshman Retreat is to bring all members of the class together in a spiritual setting so that they can firmly establish the bonds they have made with one another as a class in the first few months of their time at Regis Jesuit. Interactive group processes address issues such as self-image, peer support, faith development and values clarification.

Sophomore Retreat

The Sophomore Retreat addresses how students reconcile with themselves, with others, with our world and with God. The retreat also highlights the communal and sacramental nature of Catholicism by offering students the opportunities to celebrate the Eucharist with the rest of their Sophomore class erturning from Sophomroe Service Day.

Junior Retreat – Kairos

Kairos can be interpreted to mean “God’s time.” Several Kairos retreats for the Boys and Girls Divisions are scheduled throughout the school year so that students may choose a time that best works with their academic and activities schedule.
Led by seniors who have already made Kairos, this intense, four-day experience invites participants to accept themselves as people who are loved unconditionally by God and others. This insight, in turn, promotes growth in self-knowledge, openness to others, and a renewed appreciation of the faith dimension of life.

Senior Retreat

As seniors the students have the opportunity to select from a wider variety of retreat formats that appeal to their personal interests. These retreats are held at a variety of times throughout the school year.