Performing Arts Department

The Regis Jesuit Performing Arts Department preserves and cultivates the distinguished tradition of excellence in creative, humanistic and Jesuit education.

Our graduates are leaders in the fields of music, verbal communication and drama and pursue endeavors that reflect the Jesuit ideals of openness to growth, service and justice.  Though not all students are musicians, orators or actors, all possess talent and creativity.  The arts help students integrate what they have learned from other subject areas, express their ideas in a variety of media and think through problems to find solutions and methods they discover on their own.  Our enthusiastic faculty encourage our students to improve upon, further fulfill, or begin an artistic journey that enables them to unlock imagination and aspiration.  Music, public speaking and theatre are forms of expression that transcend time, culture, language and economics.  Our students learn about themselves and their world, and in the process, develop skills, techniques, understandings and passions they will apply throughout their lives.


PhotoNicknameLast NameSuffix 1AlumnusPosition
PhotoTimSauer'06Performing Arts - Chair
PhotoNicknameLast NameSuffix 1AlumnusPosition
Photo missingIsaacMartelMusic Teacher
PhotoMarkOnstottSpeech & Debate Teacher
PhotoLeannOsterkamp,DMAMusic Teacher
PhotoAldoPantoja'01Theatre Teacher...
PhotoBernieSauer'97Music Teacher
PhotoAricSerrano, SJMusic Teacher...
Photo missingJoelWilperTheatre Teacher