English Department

The English Department’s curriculum is designed to prepare students for college and the years beyond. Students follow a four-year sequence of courses which includes English 1, English 2, American Literature, and senior electives. Honors and Advanced Placement courses are available throughout the program. Focusing on reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking, students expand their skills as well as their view of the world. Students read and recognize literature as a record of human experience and as an expression of faith and values through the exploration of diverse authors’ points of view, purpose, and historical and cultural contexts. The study of the various genres, including poetry, short stories, novels, drama, and non-fiction, helps students enhance their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development. Writing with clarity, precision, passion, and creativity is a major goal of the program. Research skills are taught along with writing, and the fundamentals of grammar, usage, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and sentence structure are stressed to assist students in the development of their individual voice. The English department is committed to excellence, understanding, social justice, and personal growth.

PhotoNicknameLast NameSuffix 1AlumnusPosition
PhotoJamieDawkinsEnglish - Chair
PhotoJohnJohnsonEnglish - Assistant Chair
PhotoNicknameLast NameSuffix 1AlumnusPosition
PhotoColtenBiro, SJEnglish Teacher...
PhotoBobBowersEnglish Teacher
PhotoDanielleBrigmanEnglish Teacher
PhotoBryanBrunoEnglish Teacher
PhotoBrianDavenport'04English Teacher
PhotoKristiDindingerEnglish Teacher
PhotoSaraHildrethEnglish Teacher
PhotoMeganLangfield'10English Teacher
PhotoJackieMaxfieldEnglish Teacher
Photo missingAliMeehanEnglish Teacher
PhotoChrisMixonEnglish Teacher
PhotoMary ClaireModakEnglish Teacher
PhotoJeniRinnerEnglish Teacher
PhotoSarahSherwoodEnglish Teacher
PhotoRalphTaylorEnglish Teacher
PhotoSydTimmeEnglish Teacher...
PhotoCameronTurner'04English Teacher