Co-Divisional Clubs

Clubs in red below have their own club webpage.

  • A Cappella Club
    This club is open to all singers who want to learn how to be part of an a-cappella ensemble (think Pitch Perfect!). We will learn awesome music and set up fun performances at a variety of venues. Share your voice with others! We will focus mostly on how to arrange and sing our favorite top chart hits!
  • Ambassador Society
    The Ambassador Society provides our students with an opportunity to build relationships with prospective students and represent Regis Jesuit. Our members are responsible for assisting in events for future Raiders, being shadow visit hosts and being the faces of Regis Jesuit.
  • Anime Club
    The purpose of this club is to bring together those who enjoy anime and Japanese culture, and to forge friendships based around a common love/obsession.
  • Ballroom
    This club continues to expand upon dances learned in the Beginning Ballroom Class. We will practice what we know, add to what we know and learn a few new styles.
    Regis Jesuit CADRE is a co-divisional organization of students who raise money through weekly collections from the Regis Jesuit community to help assist those in need around the world, and in our own community.
  • Captains
    The purpose of this club is to unite our athletic leaders, both boys and girls. We discuss leadership and any team issues. We also focus on support and connection.
  • Ceramics
    This club is designed with the thought of finding God in all things. If you talk to anyone who has worked on a pottery wheel, they will tell you that it was one of the most spiritual experiences they have ever had. Just learning to center your clay may take you a week, but as you begin to work at it, you are also learning to center yourselves. This club is truly for the students and participation is up to them; the only requirement is that the students exercise patience with themselves and explore throwing.
  • Chapel Choir
    This club is open to any student interested in improving his or her vocal talent, opportunities in cantoring and/or singing liturgical music. We will perform for masses at RJ throughout the school year.
  • Classics Club
    The Classics Club is a chapter of the Colorado Junior Classical League and the National Junior Classical League. The purposes of Classics Club are to promote the exploration of classical life, culture, history and literature, to share our understanding of the value of classics, and to connect students who are interested in classics. Members of Classics Club have the opportunity to participate in the Colorado Junior Classical League State Convention in Estes Park every spring.
  • Climbing Club
    Climbing Club is an open, co-divisional club that allows students to push themselves both physically and mentally. They gain physical strength by balancing, lifting, twisting and pulling themselves up a wall, and mental strength and focus by strategizing, visualizing and pushing through difficult moves to reach the top. And on top of all that we have a great time! We meet inside at a rock gym once a week throughout the school year and finish off the year with an outdoor climbing day at a local crag.
  • Creative Writing Club
    It's like any club at the school, just with more writing and lots of creativity. We read, write and edit each other's pieces during meetings and put a bit of excitement into all of it. Join us for writing challenges, sharing your work or just plain getting into writing.
  • Diversity Action Group
    The Diversity Action Group (DAG) is a student-centered club that provides a forum for students to discuss issues of importance to them and the greater school community. DAG students seek to both learn from and educate their peers about a range of diversity issues within the school and the world. Topics range and rotate between gender, race, socioeconomics, religion, stereotypes, bias and current events both in our school and in the world. DAG aspires for inclusion and respect for others to extend beyond their DAG involvement into the wider community as members are actively involved in the community of Regis Jesuit through clubs, sports, music, student government and other areas of student life. DAG is a club in each division that works co-divisionally towards a common goal and mission especially when planning events including speakers, dialogues and conferences for both divisions.
  • DJ Club
    This club consists of electronic musicians coming together to share their music with the RJ student body and our community. From digital mixing, to just creating an awesome playlist, these students know how to get the music going. No prior experience needed.
  • Drama
    The Drama Club produces four major productions a year, three of which are staged in The Z Theatre. Our fall musical, spring play and our alumni and faculty show, Power of the Dream, are consistent opportunities for RJ students to dive into acting and/or stagecraft. Our final production of the year, Shakespeare in the Spring, is a show that is entirely produced, directed and designed by our student body. The show is performed outside in select areas on campus and often moves from location to location. Our Drama Club mission is to champion new works, reinvigorate the classics and empower students to create the art they want.
  • Environmental
    The RJ Environmental Club is dedicated to education, activism and cultivating community around environmental issues. We discuss and implement projects that help our school engage in care for the planet, including organic gardening, waste reduction and disposal, stewardship of resources and environmental justice.
  • ESports
    RJ ESports is a club dedicated to competitive video gaming. The club focuses on a number of games (primarily what is prevalent for MLG) and practices, researches and competes in select games.  The club is also fundamentally concerned with building camaraderie, team sportsmanship and community among gamers.
  • Exploration & Discussion
    An open-ended discussion based club where students are invited to participate in conversations with other students and teachers on topics that are not regularly discussed in class.
  • FBLA
    The Regis Jesuit FBLA club allows students to explore various aspects of business through activities, community service, outside speakers, and competitions.
  • Fencing
     Club meets weekly in the fall semester. All levels of fencers are welcome! Come and learn the sport or get some extra practice in while at school. Our goal is to give every student the opportunity to gain experience in the sport of fencing.
  • French Honor Society (application only)
    French Honor Society is a National Honor Society whose members excel in the French language while also growing in and promoting Francophone culture through service and learning.
  • Impressions (literary magazine)
    This club is for anyone who loves written and visual art. Impressions club members workshop their own writing, art, and photography, working towards pieces they feel are publishable and impressive. Students then work to create a print and digital magazine filled with the best student work of the year. This publication is distributed throughout and beyond our community.
  • Justice League
    A club that focuses on the education of and advocacy against the injustices in our world today that affect the poor and marginalized.
  • K-pop Dance
    This club is for those interested in Korean culture. The club will participate in watching dramas and listening to music.
    • Moderator: Mr. Ortiz
  • Key
    Key Club is an international service organization. We do all kinds of service throughout the Denver area. Many hours will count toward your service hours! Come serve others with us!
  • KnowledgeBowl
    Knowledgbowl meets weekly to practice buzzer-beater trivia questions about history, math, popular culture, and other subjects. Students have the opportunity to compete once a month in regional tournaments around Denver.
  • Latin Honor Society
    The NJCL Latin Honor Society is a special designation given to Junior Classical League students (Classics Club members) who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and citizenship in Latin class. In order to participate in Latin Honor Society, the student must be enrolled in or have completed AP Latin.
  • Linguistics
    This club celebrates the power and diversity of language. We seek for further understanding of language and the philosophy surrounding it.
  • Long Boarding
    This recreational club that likes to get together and longboard.
  • Mock Trial
    Mock Trial provides students the opportunity to learn critical thinking, public speaking and team building skills in a fun and educational environment. we compete regionally, state-wide and nationally in several competitions throughout the season. All grades and skill level welcome. We begin training in September, with competitions in October, February and first week of March. Our season ends after the state competition in March.
  • Model United Nations
    Model UN is a club that teaches students about parliamentary procedure in the UN and teaches students how to research, write and debate in the style of the United Nations. Students will attend three meets a semester at various local high schools and colleges and will also be given the chance to attend a national meet at Georgetown University in Washington D.C.
  • Mountain Biking Club
    The Mountain Bike Team is a member of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association and participates in each of the races sanctioned by the Association. We practice primarily in Castle Rock at Phillip Miller Park, 2-3 days per week. Races are every other weekend from August to October. Please explore both and for details about the league. No experience is needed for this team, however, each rider is responsible for their own equipment.
  • Multi-Media
    In this club, we learn more about photography angles and shots, complete weekly photography challenges and watch and look at photography images from popular modern day movies to see how they affect their audience and what techniques we can take from the shot. By the end of Multi-media club members will have a photography portfolio that can be submitted to colleges and an Instagram page of all their pictures they took in or for the club. They will also submit photos to the Impressions magazine.
  • Pep Band
    This is a co-divisional club made up of wind and percussion musicians, forming an ensemble that performs at sporting events.
  • Ping Pong
    A co-divisional club that uses the sport of table tennis to create communtiy and promote athletic excellence.
  • Raider Sports Network
    The RJTV Sports Network broadcasting club is open to all students. The club produces news and feature packages, and live and on-demand events of athletic events and other RJHS events. The club also helps to run RJTV and  Students in the broadcasting club learn video production, research, writing, public speaking and announcing skills. Students may specialize as news or sports anchors, commentators, producers, writers; or in commentating, statistics, camera operation and other techie jobs. It's real. It's exhilarating. It's TV.
  • Retro Gaming
    This club is an opportunity for gamers at RJHS to meet in community to talk about and play video games. Although solo gaming is still prevalent, and certainly relevant to this club, community gaming has become increasingly popular. This club affords the opportunity to cooperatively share and experience any video games. This club also serves as a forum to talk about gaming issues from 1st amendment and copyright battles to online etiquette to sociological implications and representations of the form.
  • RJ Filmmakers
    RJ Filmmakers supports original student work in the creative cinematic arts. The club meets to plan, shoot, edit and produce short films and hosts a student film festival in the Spring. RJ Filmmakers also discusses current films.
  • RJ Media
    RJ Media is an open forum for student free expression. Club members are members of the student media staff and work with press access as journalists on photography, design, reporting, writing, and multimedia production to produce content for the student-run Elevate Magazine,, RJTV, RJ Radio podcasts and the Radier Sports Network. RJ Media is for the students, by the students. The club competes and travels locally and nationally and are members of the Colorado Student Media Association, The National Journalism Education Association, The National Scholastic Press Association, and the Quill and Scroll National Honors Society for student journalists. The club meets Mondays at Academic Support and Thursdays after school. Open to all.
  • RJ Students for Life Club
    RJ Students for Life helps empower students to become leaders in building a “culture of life” through four pillars: education/formation, prayer, service, and charity. Grounded in Catholic Social Teaching, we invite students from diverse faith traditions and political viewpoints to unite under the banner of a “consistent ethic of life,” from conception to natural death, and work for human rights for all people, from womb to tomb, and at every stage in between. While special focus is placed on beginning- and end- of life issues, especially abortion, the death penalty, and assisted suicide, our club unites itself with and wholeheartedly supports other social justice clubs and efforts, recognizing that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (MLK Jr.).
  • Robotics
    Regis Jesuit Robotics Club is a year-round club, with the build season and competition in the International First Robotics Competition occurring in the spring semester. We inspire the pursuit of excellence while maintaining a lighthearted yet goal-oriented atmosphere. As a team, it is our goal to take pride in every accomplishment and develop a deeper connection to the world with a passion that will expand the ideals of FIRST and lead to a better tomorrow. In order to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders,  we hope to foster in everyone well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership. Lastly, through our pursuit of excellence, we strive to improve the world around us.
  • Songwriters Club
    If you've ever wanted to write your own song, compose an instrumental piece, or take someone's lyrics and turn them into music, this is the club for you!
  • Ski & Ride
    The ski & ride club allows students to bond and further relationships through skiing. The club welcomes all levels of skiing and will try its best to improve in the sport. The club will make efforts to coordinate club trips.
    Moderator: Mr. Moeller
  • Sound
    Sound Club directly supports major events that need sound amplification on campus. From athletic events to pastoral masses, these students set up, run, and break down all sound needs that are called for. Students learn how to set up microphones, mixers, and amplifiers for any given space. Every event is an opportunity to learn how to problem solve, work in a group, and work in a fast-paced scenario. No prior experience needed.
  • Special Olympics
    This club supports Special Olympics Colorado through participating in activities including but not limited to SO Bowling events, Unified Sports, Polar Plunge and Spread the Word Rally. Special Olympics clubs mission is to choose to include all.
  • Speech & Debate
    RJHS Speech and Debate is an academic/extracurricular activity for students interested in competitive speaking and debating. If you are interested in a future career in law/business or want to improve your speaking skills - this club is for you. Students can letter in Speech and debate and earn their membership in the National Speech and Debate Association - the national honor society for students of speech and debate.
  • STEM Center/Tech Support
    This club supports students using the Maker Spaces in each library (BD: Challengelab / GD: iLab). Members of this club are trained in using the equipment, especially the 3D printers, and print projects for classes and assist other students in creating and printing their own creations. Other periodic challenges are also created using 3D pens and other craft items.
  • Strategic Gaming
    This club is dedicated to playing strategic tabletop games. We meet officially once a week (unofficially every day) to play a variety of games. We also support groups playing longer-campaign games after school weekly (day TBA), and miniatures gaming.
  • Student Council (application only)
    Student Council members are elected at the end of the prior school year. Members are elected as either Executive Board members or class (year) representatives. Student Council is responsible for organizing big events throughout the year, such as dances, Spirit Week, and Mission Week, as well as smaller events throughout the year to make RJHS school spirit high.
  • Tea Club
    Tea club is dedicated to the discussion, appreciation and consumption of tea. We meet twice a month to learn more about the beverage consumed 'round the world, and to enjoy each other's company.
  • Ultimate Frisbee
    The goal of the RJ Ultimate team(s) is to teach players the sport of ultimate with the opportunity to compete against local schools in weekly games and occasional tournaments. The competition season is in the spring. Girls and Boys teams will practice together but compete in games separately. No experience playing necessary. Players must be willing to learn, support teammates and treat opponents with respect. All players will be required to become members of USA Ultimate (USAU) and pay various team fees.
  • Women's Homeless Initiative
    The Women’s Homeless Initiative is a consortium of churches working together to give sanctuary and hospitality every night to women who would otherwise be sleeping on the streets. WHI offers these women a chance to be known, heard and cared for with compassion, dignity, respect and presence of heart. Regis Jesuit students work with St. Ignatius of Loyola (the Jesuit parish in Denver) to provide a warm welcome to the 25 women they host. We set up cots for the women to sleep, help serve dinner and then we sit and share a meal with them while we get to know who they are.
  • Yearbook
    The goal of the yearbook club is to give students who are not scheduled in the class the opportunity to help produce the Concordia. The students will learn about photography, writing and design. Students will be asked to take photos at various events and help produce the yearbook.
  • You CAN sit with us
    The You CAN Sit With Us club is all about meeting people and creating new friendships. Whether you are introverted or extroverted, come and meet new people in a fun and stress-free setting! We'll meet once or twice a month is just to check in on everyone but the majority of the club just playing around on the field outside of the Steele Center to help build our community!