Boys Division Clubs

Clubs in red below have their own club webpage.

  •  American Chemical Society
    The ChemClub invites, motivates, and encourages high school students who are fascinated by the many ways chemistry connects with their world. Supported by the national American Chemical Society, this club provides members with fun, authentic, and hands-on opportunities for members to experimence chemistry beyond the classroom, learn about chemistry related careers, and provide service for the betterment of our community.
  • Arrupe
    Arrupe Club is a service organization committed to involving sports and clubs in service to our community. Its leaders will present a variety of activities in which the rest of the RJ community can participate. Projects may include tutoring young  students, working at the soup kitchen, running races to support a charity or spending an afternoon with the elderly.
  • Backpacking Club
    This club Backpacking isn’t just the gateway to outdoor adventure, it’s also a great social activity. Spending multiple days with the same people really lets you get to know them! Meetings will happen only occasionally on campus to plan trips, check equipment and learn skills.
  • Bass Fishing
    A club for anyone who enjoys fishing, mainly bass fishing, or may want to learn how to fish. This club includes the opportunity to compete in tourmnaments.
  • Breakfast Club
    The Breakfast Club is a club that meets every other Friday at academic support. During Breakfast Club students flock from all grades and divisions to room 259 to enjoy the club. Every meeting, we whip up a batch of flapjacks and watch some SNL, Key and Peele, and other funny videos. This is a club to just relax and get some pancakes and laughs, it is especially useful for hungry and stressed out students who need a break from the rigor of school. We also accommodate for most food allergies and any other situation.
  • Cannonball Club
    The Cannonball Club meets weekly on Thursdays at lunch for prayer, spiritual conversation, fellowship, and occasional Cannonball Club Masses. We engage in loving Christian service with a special emphasis on direct engagement with the poor and marginalized, and we have regular opportunities for socializing. Our chief commitment that binds us is our nightly prayer. Members strive to lead lives of Christian love and holiness, and they assist one another in that striving.
  • Card Playing Club
    The Card playing club meets in BD 157 during lunch every Friday with the sole purpose of fostering community through playing card games. Bring your lunch and join us.
  • Chess
    The chess club is always open during academic support and lunch for casual play in BD 165. Our instructional activities take place on Monday during academic support, Wednesday during lunch, and Friday after school.
  • Intramurals
    Intramural athletics builds community and fosters school spirit through healthy competition. With the help of the moderators students build teams to play dodgeball, basketball and indoor soccer. Each season lasts approximately 8-10 weeks, starting with pool play and culminating in a seeded championship tournament. Intramural championship teams win prizes. All are welcome!
  • Investment
    The club learns how to invest in the stock market through stocks, ETFs and mutual funds. Students play in a fantasy game of fake money but real investments. We compete in the stock market Challenge with other schools one or two times each year.
  • Link (application only)
    LINK is a program designed to welcome our incoming freshmen to life at Regis Jesuit. Juniors and seniors apply in the spring and, if accepted, go through orientation training over the summer in preparation for Compass Day and various other activities throughout the year.
  • Medical Career Explorations
    Lunchtime speakers share their experiences in the medical field. The presentations by the doctors are in room 161 in the BD. The dates vary based upon speaker availability and schedule.
  • Mu Alpha Theta
    This is a club for young men who love to engage in fun and challgenging problems and compete in mathematical
    competitions throughout the state.
  • National Honor Society (application only)
    The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation’s premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. More than just an honor roll, NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership and character. Chapter membership not only recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service.
  • RCLC (Regis Christian Life Community)
    RCLC, or the Regis Christian Life Community, is a longstanding club at Regis Jesuit that is part of a network of Jesuit-based CLC’s around the world. Our mission is to bring students together to share their spirituality in small group prayer and discussion. We also engage a major project each year, the Food Drive for St. Joseph’s Parish, an annual event since the 1970s where we collect and distribute food to needy families the Sunday before Christmas.
  • RJ Sports Analytics
    The RJ Sports Analytics club is designed for RJ students to explore the field of sports analytics and learn think differently about sports. Club members pose creative questions concerning pro and RJ sports. Then, through analyses of box scores and inconventional stats, the members find correlations, draw conclusions, and communicate their findings in entertaining articles. Club members also have the opportunity to attend a club field trip once every semester. These field trips help members learn more about the exciting field of sports analytics.
  • Rowdies (application only)
    A select group of seniors will be chosen each year to represent the Rowdies. Rowdies are an instrumental part of leading the student section in cheers during Boys Division Varsity games, as well as helping out with school events such as Compass Day and pep rallies.
  • Spanish Honor Society (application only)
    Spanish Honor Society provides an opportunity for students who love and are successful in Spanish classes to share their skills with other students and each other.
  • Spikeball
    Spikeball club is open to all those interested in playing - beginners to those who would like to compete competitvely. Even if you've never played but want to learn, join us out on McNicholas Green!