Boys Division Capstone Program

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Capstone: a final touch; a crowning achievement; a culmination.

All seniors at Regis Jesuit High School will participate in the Capstone Program during Lent of their senior year. Seniors will participate in a Capstone Seminar and complete a Capstone Project. The Capstone Seminar meets in small groups for six Thursdays in Lent. The seminar consists of each senior reflecting on their four years at Regis Jesuit. After the seminars, each senior will complete a Capstone Project and then present that project before a faculty panel. The projects express the culmination of the senior’s growth during his years at Regis Jesuit in a tangible form. The most important aspect of the project is reflection. Ultimately, the project answers the question: How am I different because of my experiences at Regis Jesuit High School?

All projects must include:
Personal reflection on the senior’s growth and how his Regis Jesuit experiences have shaped his past and his future; his unique voice; and at least two elements of the Profile of a Graduate at Graduation:
Intellectually Competent
Open to Growth
Committed to Doing Justice

Important Dates
Seminar Dates: 
Presentation Dates: